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On this day, the 9th of September, in the year of our lord 2014, Smith Tactical & Defense earned its type 07 FFL & SOT 02 and thus approval to manufacture and sell firearms in the USA. We take this privilege very seriously and it is with great joy that we embark into the future.

At Smith Tactical & Defense, we entered into the manufacturing of our products and services with truly an “unfair advantage” over our competition. We are spawned from CNC production job shop roots where we have at our disposal a multi-million dollar manufacturing facility with 10 Axis CNC Swiss, 7 Axis CNC Turn / Mill, and 5 Axis VMC capabilities. We have been an outsource manufacturer for many industries including: medical, automotive, construction, aerospace, cryogenics, industrial and most notably large firearms OEMs for many years. As you see, those roots run wide and deep within all aspects of manufacturing and across a very broad range of industries. Thus, our staff brings many years of expertise thru this wide range of experience. In fact, we pioneered the introduction of medical tolerances and quality to the firearms industry that many of the large OEM’s are famous for today. Prior to our service offering, many of these large OEM’s were still hand working components and hand fitting every part. Partnering with us, they are now able to assemble in a production setting while maintaining tight fits. Understand, there are very few manufacturers that have the proper equipment and expertise to produce the quality components necessary to result in a nice tight and accurate firearm and a purchase from Smith Tactical & Defense means you are teaming with that “unfair advantage”.


Precision / Tactical Series rifle (PT Series)

Our roots are in the outdoors as we are all passionate about all types of hunting and shooting sports. One of our initial goals at Smith Tactical & Defense was to create a middle ground in the AR market. Until now, there have always been two basic options for AR rifles: the unaffordable famous name firearms or the very low quality, poorly manufactured, cheap firearms. So the only real option for the average guy buying an AR, was to start out with a standard production rifle, then add all of the quality to it that he could possibly afford thru aftermarket parts and pieces. We have set out to change this by introducing our same high quality that we offer the big OEM’s while eliminating their markup to allow pricing that the average guy can still afford. Thru taking care of the little things like extended take down and pivot pins and extended latch charging handle all the way to the big things like NiB bolt carrier group and 416SS fluted barrel, now you have an option to purchase a rifle, slap your favorite optic on it and go straight to the field – no more hassle. We hope you will agree we have succeeded in our goal by offering a high quality, while still affordable rifle in our PT Series.

Prestige Series rifle (PS Series)

We introduced our Prestige Series to offer a billet rifle for the shooter looking for something a step above the forged offerings available. Our first step in developing our billet rifle, we analyzed all of the trouble areas and listened to all of your suggestions on the forged rifles on the market. Incorporating all of that information, we are using high quality billet materials that are less susceptible to micro grain fracturing, we were able to add extra material in the stress points increasing over-all resiliency, while keeping the weight to just about 3oz over a forged rifle. Offering all of the same level of quality components as our PT Series rifles plus the addition of the billet upper and lower including the match grade trigger, we feel as though we have hit the mark with the Prestige Series. We hope you will be proud to hand this rifle down thru the generations.


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